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Investing In Current Scenario

“COVID-19 “virus has changed all aspects of life. It has not only developed medical emergency worldwide but due to the widespread nature of the virus, it has affected many developed and developing economies. World economies will see the steepest fall in employment, industrial activity, and service industry activity. This phenomenon already started in greater economies like the USA, UK, Germany, Italy & India. China is an exception, till the time we don’t know the reality. We are in lockdown since 25th March 2020 and it will continue up till 3 rd May 2020. All economic activity has been paused due to this and will remain in pressure till next quarter. We have to accept this fact that human life is more important than economic activity.   The majority  government’s expenditure will be focused on healthcare and in saving human life. Stimulus packages have been announced in past months and will be more in the coming months but it will take time to recover, as an economy and w