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Mutual Funds : Looking Ahead

  MUTUAL FUNDS: LOOKING AHEAD Being a retail or HNI investor, majority of investors have chosen mutual funds or systematic investment plan as investment tool. When Retail investment products like fixed deposits, NSC, KVP & etc. products have become dull products on returns parameter, then as Investors many people started investments in mutual funds for better returns. The golden period of returns from 2016 to 2018 has gone now. Markets are showing uncertainty in lieu of global cues, political uncertainty, higher crude prices, high bond yields, and higher dollar prices. If we see the returns pattern from the last three months in the major of the funds, they are negative.   Is it the end of the mutual fund era? Major of investors, with the help of an investor education program and mutual funds initiative program, started investments in mutual funds and other structured products as traditional products became less lucrative in terms of returns. With the way of SIP and othe