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Risk Profiling & Financial Planning

Mr. Gurmeet and Mr. Rajesh are both working professionals. Gurmeet is a 28-year-old young individual and Mr. Rajesh is in his early 40’s.
Do they have same risk profile?
The answer is NO. Let’s take another example, suppose both are of same age with one being a salaried employee and other a businessman, again the same question “Do they have same risk profile?”
Answer will still remain the same “NO “. Why?
Risk profiling before any investment is an immensely critical part. Many of us fail in assessing risks involved with individuals and investment. A 28-year-old salaried professional will have different risk profile compared to a 42-year-old salaried professional. Similarly, a 28-year-old businessman will have different risk profile compared to a 28-year-old salaried professional. Their life’s financial goals are different, their risk appetite is different.
In today’s world, each individual has its own set of financial goals which differs from other individual. Hence, there is nothing a…

Financial planning for Retirement fund

Financial planning for Retirement fund
In today’s world everyone is running towards making his or her life more comfortable financially. Be it urban or rural population both save money for their future. In our life we have all sorts of financial goals like children’s education, vacation planning, children’s marriage or buying a new car. But out of this which we don’t consider is the most important task of life which is retirement funding. At particular age individuals will stop earning fresh money but expenses will still be there. Major percentage of individuals starts saving for retirement fund after they cross age of 45 plus. This is actually very difficult to built a decent corpus for retirement at that age as major of liabilities and goals start maturing at that time and which leads to higher expenses and generally individuals are left with no or small corpus of retirement fund.
Retirement is actually a period wherein individual will definitely wish to travel or enjoy as he or she w…