Mutual Funds : Looking Ahead

MUTUAL FUNDS: LOOKING AHEAD Being a retail or HNI investor, majority of investors have chosen mutual funds or systematic investment plan as investment tool. When Retail investment products like fixed deposits, NSC, KVP & etc. products has become dull products on returns parameter, than as investor many of people started investments in mutual funds for better returns. Golden period of returns from 2016 to 2018 has gone now. Markets are showing uncertainty in lieu of global cues, political uncertainty, higher crude prices, high bond yields and higher dollar prices. If we see the returns pattern from last three months in major of the funds, they are in negative.Is it the end of mutual fund era?
Major of investors, with help of investor education programme and mutual funds initiative programme, started investments in mutual funds and other structured products as traditional products became less lucrative in term of returns. With way of SIP and other systematic plans, investors pumped Hu…

Union Budget 2018-2019 : Impact and Analysis

Annual budget proposals have been tabled yesterday by Mr. Arun Jaitely (Finance Minister) in Parliament. There were many proposals to boost rural economy, employment situation and controlling inflation. There were proposals towards making India as manufacturing hub also. Make in India is flagship programme of our government and budget has given focus on this. Apart from this government has also focused on social sector reforms by introducing health care scheme for 40% of population of India. Corporate tax has been reduced to 25% from 30% for SME and MSME whose turnover is less than 250 Cr in a year.
Union Budget Proposals

Indian stamp act to be modified in consultation with states.Bank Bill discounting to be linked with GSTN.New gold policy to be announced.Fiscal Deficit at 3.5% of GDP for 17-18 and 3.3% of GDP for 18-19.Presumptive income tax compliance for business and profession not satisfactory.80JJAA days limit reduced for Textile and footwear industry to 150 days.No adjustment u/s…

Nifty @ 10000

“Nifty @ 10000”
Buy Sell or Hold Mutual fund

Indices have witness all time high in month of July. Every day there is up movement in different indices. It took 90 days to nifty for moving from level of 9000 to 10000 on index. Now what next?  This is the major question coming to every investors mind. Mutual fund investor’s preliminarily choose funds as investment vehicle because they are not much aware about the markets or they don’t have time to monitor market on regular basis but extra ordinary movement in market has made them cautious.
What to do on these levels of different indices?

This is a most important question which every investor is facing as of now. We have to understand different aspect of market. Markets move on strong fundamental growth of economy, government decision making ability and corporate earnings. We say that strong indices are reflection of strong economy which is absolutely true also. When common man gives more weight age to unassured returns in front of assured re…