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Nifty @ 10000

“Nifty @ 10000” Buy Sell or Hold Mutual fund Indices have witnessed an all-time high in July. Every day there is movement in different indices. It took 90 days to nifty for moving from the level of 9000 to 10000 on the index. Now, what next?  This is the major question coming to every investor's mind. Mutual fund investor preliminarily chooses funds as an investment vehicle because they are not much aware of the markets or they don’t have time to monitor the market on regular basis but extraordinary movement in market has made them cautious. What to do on these levels of different indices? This is the most important question which every investor is facing as of now. We have to understand the different aspects of the market. Markets move on strong fundamental growth of the economy, government decision-making ability and corporate earnings. We say that strong indices are a reflection of a strong economy which is absolutely true al