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Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow Never Comes Being a part of the financial industry since 2003, we have met a lot of clients who have no clarity for their financial needs and future financial plans. The biggest problems are with the upper-middle class and middle-class segment of society, wherein they always conveniently postpone financial planning up to the age of 38-40 Years. At this age, it is not financial planning but rather it becomes crisis financial planning. Financial planning is a stepwise process but where we lack is a thought on financial planning. You may or may not want to look forward to future expenses but an individual cannot deny the fact of “Retirement “. Retirement is the real aspect of working life which is certainly bound to happen. But Major of us, avoid any planning for this purpose or delay it for unnecessary reasons. We have to understand; often life won’t work out the way you planned. And if it doesn’t, you’ll put yourself and your family in a less than ideal situation.